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Hello my Loves....hope you all had an amazng its only one day to christmas.This season means different things to different people..For me Jesus christ is the only reason for this jolly season yaaay.Thank God for the wonderful gift of has been an amazing year so far,i've met a lot of wonderful people through this blog,i truely appreciate each and everyone of you..using this opportunity to thank my wonderful customers,who chose me out of many,for always encouraging me to do what i love. wishing you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year ahead.:-)
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Hoop Earrings Featuring Discs and Ball Designs. One jewelry trend on the rise is big hoop earrings that feature either balls, discs, or balls and spike designs. We can all thank the ladies from Basketball Wives for this growing trend, since they were first spotted on the show and have now risen in popularity. Many of the hoop designs that feature the ball or the discs can be simple ranging from gold and silver, or they can be very bold featuring vibrant colors that are sure to grab attention. Many of the earrings feature unique designs such as animal prints or fun and exotic coloring. Which means everyone can find something that fits their own personal style. I love this trend since I adore hoop earrings, and I’m so glad they’re making a come back. Just be sure your hoop earrings aren’t too heavy, otherwise your earlobes will suffer the consequences. Look below for a few designs on celebrities spotting this hot new can shop the trend from swiss collections.

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