Tuesday, 12 June 2012

TREND ALERT: Boyfriend Watches

Every girl should Own a men's watch... In other words an over-sized wrist watch. Actually it doesn't have to be gold (but gold toned ones look really amazing!), it can be pink for that matter. It just has to bring out a certain kind of toughness.
One of the hottest accessory trends of the moment is an oversized watch,
They’re chunky, they’re clunky, they’re totally glam. Boyfriend watches are the biggest of-the-moment trend in watches and celebs from victoria beckham,hayden, Rihanna to the Kardashian sisters are snapping them up.These celebs are sporting ultra-pricey Rolex versions, but don’t sweat it. You don’t need to break the bank to wrap one of these bad boys around your wrist. :-)

i’ve got a list of some of my favorite less-pricey alternatives. Michael Kors' is by far one of my fav watches of the season and for a good price it's a true investment ,or maybe am just a little obsessed  about Gold watches.:-)

Boyfriend Watches by Michael Kors in Gold, Horn, Rose Gold, Silver, Brown and Rose Gold, and Black.

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  1. Do you remember last year or sometime early this year, guess you were going for your swearing in... Caught a boyfriend watch on your hand and that was really sexy. That was way before these celebs started flaunting theirs. Kudos! babes you are way ahead in fashion.

  2. Nice post. I'm sooo loving this trend :)



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