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Featuring: Shayla Drake

Hey dolls hope ya'll are having an amazing weekend.this post is all about my interview with shayla Drake also known as Slim shay D... A fellow fashion blogger from New York City /LA, United States..A Stylist, free spirit, smooth bi-coastal player and fashion/music whore.

Shayla believes every girl should own a men's watch and a pair of black platforms , read what other opinions she has in my interview with her…:-)

Enkay : What inspires you to blog?
Shayla Drake: My friends literally harassed me for years: emails, scoldings, angry texts telling me that women would love to know where I shopped or how I made something. I would post pictures of my outfits and DIY jewelry/nails etc. on my Facebook page, but that wasn't good enough for them. When it got to the point where I was hearing it almost daily, I finally caved. It's time consuming and I honestly thought no one would care, but the response has been amazing. I love blogging now. Thanks friends!

Enkay : How would you define your personal style ?
Shayla Drake : Bi-polar lol. I'm really in to themes, so if the mood strikes, I can go from chola to school girl. In general though, I'd say girly with an edge. Think leather, spikes, and Doc Martin's. Residuals from my punk years I guess.

Enkay:  As a child were you always into clothes or did you grow into your own fashion sense?
Shayka Drake : Flipping through fashion mags gave me life at 5. I have always needed to be in control of my image. I started dressing myself and doing my own hair in elementary school. And I always waived out of wearing a uniform. Fashion is how I express myself.

Enkay :Do you follow fashion trends or you play by your own rules.?
Shayla Drake: I definitely play by my own rules. There are trends that I like, but I usually find the things that I gravitate to be ahead of the curve. When I'm obsessed with something, I will wear it regardless.

Enkay: What are the top 3 items you have on your wish list right now?
Shayla Drake: Everything that UNIF makes, Dannijo bibs with skulls, and the ever constant Chanel jumbo maxi strap in caviar I can't wait until I can afford.

Enkay:What do you have to say about swiss collections style, and what inspired you to subscribe to my blog?
Shayla Drake:I really dig it. I love that you show your own style but also incorporate celebrity style and show your readers how to recreate a look for less. Women are always looking for a way to update or rework what they already have in their closet, Swiss Collections Style offers the celeb way and the real way.

Enkay: How does your day to day life factor into your wardrobe choices?
Shayla Drake:My go-to's shift based on where I am. If I am in NYC or have to be on set, I go for items that are low key (think a good white shirt, black jeans, Doc's, and my fave hat with good jewelry) because dressing up can be impractical. When I'm in LA, I'm a bit more adventurous because the weather is perfect and I am driving.
Enkay: Who are your top 3 celebrity style icons?
 Shayla Drake:Gwen Stephani, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Rihanna.

Enkay:. Where do you do your shopping in America?
Shayla Drake: In NYC, I love the shops in SoHo. Top Shop has great jewelry. In LA, Melrose has very dope boutiques that cater to my Rock & Roll side. But most of my purchases are from online retailers like Nasty Gal, Asos, and Dolls Kill.
Enkay.: What are your top 5 must haves by every girl?

Shayla Drake:The basics
 i. a men's watch,
ii. black platforms.
iii.a sturdy white tee.
iv.a statement necklace such as a bib or collar.
v.a skinny jean thats fits snug at the ankle.

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  1. Great interview! She has some gorgeous outfit posts and I loved reading it.

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my blog to find out more :)
    Georgia xx

  2. aww thanks doll:-) i just checked it out.

  3. What amazing style - I love all of the color!


  4. I love how this turned out. Dope write up. Thanks for all the love girls!

    xx Slim

  5. She is AMAZING! Not only because we went to high school together! lol...LOVE IT!

  6. i just stumbled upon her blog by accident yesterday and instantly subscribed! i love her outfit and that body is banging!!!!


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