Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Business Cards Just Arrived Today :-)

Hey dolls hope ya'll are having a good day so far.thought to do a quick post about my business card.
As many of you may know about my business.This has always been one of my many dreams and to watch it come to life it has really been  a wonerful feeling thank God.
I enjoy creating looks while helping people feel as well as look beautiful without having to break their bank accounts.
I’m very passionate about what i do and would love to help you or someone you may know find your personal style!! i do the running around so you don't have to :-)
After attending a couple of events and i had to keep telling people about my blog and business by word of mouth, but then i realized they would probably NOT remember it by the time they got home .
Also my friends had been telling me to get one, So i decided to make a business card to incorporate both my business and my blog which was to show case the kind of items i stock in my show room which is the latest trends embracing the ''celebrity look for less''.

 For me a business card, other than for advertising purposes, is a great tool for networking with your clients, other bloggers and people I may want to collaborate with....

After looking at other fashion bloggers business cards on google, I saw that most of them had an image on one side, to show case what the card was about .
During my experimenting with placement images, i came up with this lady illustration image. Also having in mind that my main goal was to put as much informations on the card without making it look cluttered, so this is what I came up with. I hope you like it and I hope that this post is helpful to anyone that wants to get a business card :-)
by the way i chose the image but the cards were done by my graffixs designer.
                          Thanks for stopping by dolls xoxo.


  1. nice business cards dear..its official now..!! am still waiting for the blog oohh....wink

  2. thanx doll.....yes dont worry love its on my to do list :-)

  3. So cute! I'm in the process of designing mine too! People are always asking me for them and I hate saying that I don't have one! It's more professional this way :)

  4. thanks doll..oh yea definitely a more professional way..good luck with yours and let us know when your done.:-)

  5. impressive!!!!!! go enkay go enkay go go go!!!! lol!!! well done!

  6. it definitely look professional..thanks for sharing it as i might need when design plastic business cards...


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