Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fashionista SPOTLIGHT: Solange knowles

For some solange knowles is just Beys little sister but she's fierce and fabulous in her own right.She has a daring fashion forward and inspiring look.
Her style couldn't be more different than her superstar sister Beyonce's which is good, as it shows that Solange has definitely got her own thing going on.
   Her sense of style has dveloped gradually over the years and now she has found her footing. Think eclectic patterns and ambitious tailoring, colour blocking and clashing as well as touches of throwback.
Solange's decision to flaunt her hair in its natural afro texture has majorly influenced her sense of style as well, embracing her cultural roots as she displays African tribal prints and accesories. Her hairstyles are as much a fashion commitment as her garments.

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