Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Business interview on 99.3 Nigeria Info.

Hello my loves..hope you are all doing last week i caught up with michelle okere an on air personality at the 99.3 Nigeria info to talk about business.
The business on 99.3 Nigeria info is a programme about business here in's hosted by Michelle Okere and was created in response to Nigeria's growing unemployment problem.Michelle goes around lagos and interviews famous and non famous entrepreneurs about their businesses.Basically about how they got into it and how they would encourage others to do so too.The programme is sponsored by Zenith Bank 'Easy Money and airs on wednesdays at 11am...please tune in to 99.3 Nigeria Info this morning by 11am to listen to me, you can also call in to ask any question :-)   Numbers to call are 01-2770993,01-2771993, 01-2772993, 01-2773993
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" eaZymoney is Zenith bank's secure fast and flexible mobile payment solution that enables you carry out basic financial transactions through your mobile phone.  With eaZymoney , your mobile number serves as an account number , while a virtual account called an M-Wallet is created and tied to this number. This enables deposits (Cash-in) and withdrawals (Cash-out) to be carried out from your mobile number through an agent or any branch of Zenith Bank
 For subscribers, their core offering is a mobile money service that enables you to send money to anyone with a mobile phone. This service also allows you to make payments to merchants, pay bills, top up airtime and shop the easy way".

UMEMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS IN NIGERIA:however it seems like the problem of unemployment is getting worse day by day ...according to the national bureau of statistics survey, unemployment rate in Nigeria amounts to 23.9% with the increasing number of graduates every year and yet no jobs to fall back to .unfortunately some employers have now taken advantage of this fact by exploiting some youths by offering 5employees the salary they are suppose to give just one staff....
my advice is to check what skills you have while, you await your dream job,you can still get busy.if you find out that you have skill wih computers try learning more about graphic/web designing.try establishing yourself by starting up something on your own and you never know where that can take you."Make your Passion your Profession"

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