Monday, 30 April 2012

Outfit post of the Day.:Blue on polka Dots

Polka dots are also trending this season.They ususally come  in different sizes of prints and colours.some are in cream and black and some are in yellow  and white blah blah blah :-)but am particularly inlove with this orange and blue combination,which is'nt very common.
oh well so i decided to play around with my peter pan polka dot blouse and i paired it with 3 different bottoms.
1.the electric blue lace skirt
2.Blue bandage skirt
3.Electric blue Jodphur Leggings.


this jodphur leggings, also called riding pants is available in my collections, in like 5different colours.and i also have the polka dot  blouse in white and's definitely a must have..

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  1. Lavit!
    The bandage skirt before d pants for me...nice one diva!


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