Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Trends & The Clash

There are some truly fabulous trends to get excited about this Spring/Summer expected we’ve been seeing a lot of clashing prints. Ethnic prints,floral prints and animal prints...pastels,peplums,purity of form,clean-cuts and knife pleats have also been spotted this season.

Images sourced from : (GoRunway)

One of the trends I will certainly be caught in is the floral prints: i witnessed  Many designers at the Arise magazine fashion week in Lagos showcasing this trend on the catwalks, adding their own personal, little twists like the statement CLASH!

...wear them from head to toe.

Of course, this should only be done if it can be pulled off. This however, does not mean it is completely acceptable to be dressed in animal print from your accesories or footwear. There should be boundaries.

.....breaking up the prints
Try breaking up the prints. For instance, wear a leopard print top in brown and a leopard prink skirt in red. Alternatively, why not throw on a black waist belt on a leopard print top and skirt to break up the print and team with black heels? While we do adore artful print-mixing, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to risk looking like a safari gone horribly wrong.

Note: The key thing to remember to avoid looking gaudy when trying this trend is to stick to two complementary prints; anymore than that and you’ll risk giving people a headache.

...match the prints.
It just might not work. Mix, don’t match. you can wear a bigger print at the bottom and smaller print on top if you want too be daring.
Note: If you feel like your outfit is too wild then it is probably too wild. Tone it down a bit.
...hold back.
When mixing prints, don't hold back. If it looks great, then wear it. However, there are certain things that should be avoided: Revealing too much skin aka Exposure :-)
most of these fashion trends are  forced unto us, you surely can’t go shopping nowadays without being bombarded with the latest this and that, this seasons must have this and that.. I try to play by my own rules sometimes but can’t escape these trends as well lol.
be daring and most importantly  be confident, thats like the best make up any girl can wear:-)
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