Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fashionable Focus: Inside Swiss collection's celebrity inspired closet.

Hello my i was recently searching for décor and i stumbled across celebrity closets...Let me just say i have an obsession with closets (most of us girls do, right?). No matter what your style is, from edgy, to classy, elegant,girly, bohemian or vintage inspired we all love our stuffs and where we store them is yet another expression of our style:-)


By the way I don’t know if you have seen this photos but recently Instyle and also People magazine (I think) did articles about celebrities closets.
Christina Aguilera's Candy Pink Closet

 Christina Aguilera’s closet and Miley Cyrus's closet kind-of have similar styles. They look really totally Loving the pink theme.

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  1. Love, love your closet (secretely jealous though)
    Amazing post :)


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