Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gym Celebs:would you wear make up to the Gym?

Raise your hand if you applied any makeup before hitting the gym. Embarrassing, I have to raise mine half way....i actually don't go out of my way to make up to go to the gym,if i've had make up on all day and have to be at the gym for an evening class then it stays on that way i dont bother washing up because am still gonna sweat it out any ways then wash up after wards. A recent poll shows 7 out of 10 women admit they apply makeup before going to work out.

The poll also reveals mascara is the most popular workout wonder with two out of five women admitting they apply mascara to their lashes before doing any form of exercise in public. Foundation comes in second and lipgloss comes in third.
With pictures of Lala, Kelly Rowland and other celebrities going to the gym all dolled up, many women feel pressure to look good even at the gym. Not to mention the fact that some ladies see it as a viable place to meet men. For other women, looking their best gives them more motivation and confidence throughout their workout. And looking good means applying some form of makeup even if they’re going to sweat that mascara and foundation off as soon as they start to move.

If you must wear makeup to the gym, here are a few tips to still look great while breaking a sweat:
1. For your lips, try a moisturizing balm instead of lipstick.
2. Use a tinted moisturizer to even skin tone without risking a cakey look that can occur from sweating through foundation.
3. Use waterproof mascara.
4. Use a bandanna or a sweat band to help control your sweat. It will keep both your hair and sweat out of your eyes while you get your workout on.

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