Tuesday, 29 May 2012

childrens day visit to makoko community

childrens day in Nigeria is just like every normal day..well on the 27th of may ,a friend invited me to join her at the makoko community.Although it was a short notice,i was able to get the little i could get for the kids..This visit was organised by verbana crew for geraldine,Praize and 2shot.Makoko is like a different world entirely,located very close to third mainland bridge.This was yet another experience for me,but seeing all those kids in a terrible living condition was a very sad one.
We spent half of the day with over 500 beautiful kids.
No matter how good or bad you think life is,wake up each day and be thankful,someone else somewhere is fighting to survive.
A big shouts out to Verbana crew you guys did an amazing job:-) God bless

my friend geraldine iheme bonding with the kids.

More houses
you can see third mainland bridge from there.
its funny how some people complain so much while some people dont even have a bed to sleep on.
This is a wooden house under construction.imagine living on water especially this rainy season with the flood and the mosquitoes. :-(
This little girl paddling a boat i doubt if she's up to 10years old.*sigh*

Eno,i,2shot and geraldine

                      soo many pictures, but too large taking forever to upload *sigh* have a good one dolls


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