Saturday, 19 May 2012

SLeek Make up:my collections

Hey dolls hope ya'll are having a fabulous totally loving the weather today here in lagos with the early morning rain and chills....
oh well so i decided to blog about my make up collections..i've been using sleek products for as long as i can remember and i have no regrets,although am not a heavy make up person. i would recommend this product for those that have an oily skin,trust you would thank me latter :-)...sleek products are specially designed for black women.
with my tester pallete containing about twenty three different powder shades from transcluscent to superior i can play around and see what one suits you best.
thanks for stopping by xoxo.


  1. Great makeup collection!! X

  2. I love everyone complaining about the weather! What's up with the weather world?? Here in Paris we woke up to sunny sun, rode my bike back home on pouring rain and i am not sitting on my terasse with the sun again... crazy!

    Cheers on a beautiful blog!

    Maria ♥

  3. btw: I love your background images, did you draw them??

  4. i know right the weather can be very unpredictable almost all over the world..:-)
    my background image is a theme.
    thanks for stopping by doll.xoxo

  5. You got one nice makeup collection doll and I am too enjoying the weather in California it's been beautiful and sunny every single day. Loving it.

    PS. Following you back now.

    <3 Marina

  6. lovely...!Thanks hon :-)

  7. So many interesting colors, make up is so important in every girls wardrobe.

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  8. :-)ok hon will do..thanks for stopping by.xoxo


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