Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Whats your time saying.:-)

When it comes to watches am a huge fan of michael kors his got really pretty designs.
These watches are part of my most cherished items..the police one was a gift for my last year birthday.Between,shoes,perfume,bags,clothes and watches i dont even know which i'l pick over which. another one am saving to get soon is a folli follie gold watch lovely ..but oh well they are all assets and i love them:-)
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  1. Sup dear how much does d ax cost.u got great taste

  2. U got great much does an ax cost,pls

  3. Thanks darling.:-)will send you a private message.

  4. Jst stumbled on ur blog from LIB,dt michael kors is d sh*t..hope 2 chek on ya blog evryday..byeee

  5. Thanks for stopping by doll.keep checking i'll be giving away lovely items soon.:-)


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