Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sneak peek: of my collections.

Hey dolls hope ya'll are having a fabulous weekend...this is just a sneak peek of what you'l be seeing soon in my show room.:-)

Neon yellow popper back vest top

Tropical print pencil skirt

                                                    Hand held satchel bag

                                                           Double layered dress skirt.


                                                           Scarf print shirt dress

                                                            Boyfriend fit denim shorts.
                                                           Scarf print shirt

Lace midi skirt
floral print peter pan collar dress

abstract print play suit

Tropical print peplum sleeveless top

Orange high waist pencil skirt

                      Thans for stopping by dolls.xoxo


  1. Do you still have them in stock? Orange high waist pencil skirTropical print peplum sleeveless top, Scarf print shirt

  2. no darl they are all out of stock.

  3. where was the orange skirt from?


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