Saturday, 14 July 2012

i love Leopard prints..!

Hey my loves....hope ya'll had a good week...just a quick post of my lil tour around Nyc ...Times sqaure and 34th street was probably one of my favourite friend took me to this lovely store and i loved the items they stocked....walking  around new york city and bumping into people was'nt that fun but oh well guess Ny is a very cool place and every tourist loves to be there..!
we had dinner at the BBQ restaurant large portion of food for a very good price :-)
for my dolls that fancy the outfit...i bought the skirt a few months back but the top is new so it would be available in my show room.
                                                         outfit Details:
                                                          peplum top &skirt-Asos
                                                          earrings-Joyce Leslie
                                                           Bag -Zara.
                                                           Watch -Michael korrs

Thanks for stopping by dolls have a fab weekend.xoxo


  1. loving the dress and those earings!!!!

  2. Loving the look, you look stunning
    Lovely blog :)

  3. thanks doll.:-)you've got a nice blog.


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