Friday, 19 October 2012

Another Sale Day.

Hello my loves hope ya'll have had a great week so far....sorry for my lack of posts in the past few days...been super busy organizing a photo shoot session with my dolls, but thank God its all over now,and i had an awesome time during the shoot,styling my dolls in very pretty colours and fab outfits. would be bringing you guys shots taken  behind the scene during the session..:-)
Given the choice between cutting edge and classic,always go for the classic.You can never go wrong.

Some people love to shop and some people consider it retail therapy...Here at swiss collections we cater to you.
We carry the brands you deserve the colours&styles you look fabulous in.
Swiss collections offers todays hottest trends at reasonable prices.

you can never go wrong with a statement neck piece,even with a casual look can make your outfit pop.

Thanks for stopping by dolls,wish ya'll a fabulous weekend.. xoxo

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  1. i love your blog. i'm always blogging about it every time.


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