Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fashion is an instant Language.

Hello my Loves..hope ya'll have been good,sorry for my lack of post in the past days,travelled to my home town for my uncles funeral..it was indeed a very busy weekend for me.trust me nobody ever gets used to loosing a loved one.But oh well Life goes on.Wish ya'll an awesome week.
The best thing about fashion is that it gives you the daily opportunity to reinvent yourself ~STYLE MAGIC. 
When dressing,don't be afraid to wear something that will turn a few heads...This is your moment to SHINE :-)
No matter how fashionable your clothes are,you won't look your best in it if you don't wear it with confidence.
When in doubt ,Wear Red.
                                 Compliment what you wear with a beautiful smile.

my Fav twin decided to pop in for a night shopping,was fun trying on all the clothes and catching up...Love you girls... xo

To have style is to give shape to the way you carry yourself.
if your going for a girly Look,choose pretty pastels,florals ,and bows that show off what a sweetheart you are.:-)

if your not comfortable in your own skin, you'll have a hard time being comfortable in any clothes.Dress from the inside

opt for qaulity when shopping for clothes.you will feel better about wearing quality pieces and it will last longer.

Your never fully dressed without a smile.''
The key to shopping is think before you buy..so you won't fill up your closet with clothes you will never wear.

if you fancy any of the pieces ,feel free to get in touch i'll be more than happy to assist...most pieces are available in various sizes....Thanks for stopping by dolls xoxo

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