Tuesday, 23 October 2012

karen millen print dress + vintage Love

Hello my loves..hope ya'll ve had a good day so far.. this post is also from my my photo shoot and am particularly inlove with both outfits.
whenever am styling my dolls i can totally picture myself in the outfits.:-)
i love me some vintage pieces which is why i chose to style my doll in this collections.love the  prints and the pop of  colors.
a buttoned down neck top is the kind that works double duty:it playful and adds cute curves.
                          A long pair of chandelier earrings always gets attention-they catch the light everytime you move your head.
The cut of your  work gear should covver enough of you so that you never feel exposed.
Don't over-accessorize.Adding a billion pieces actually takes away from your look-people don't know what to focus on.
What do you think of this cute karen millen print dress...can be worn to different occasions.
                                  flash your cute and quirky side by having fun with prints.
                                  To have style is to give shape to the way you carry yourself.


                   Thanks for stopping by dolls xoxo

styled by swiss collection
make up by derinola
photography by Bash photos.


  1. Unique styles and pretty picsz. All the outfits are wearable and stylish.


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