Wednesday, 31 October 2012

SHOP Retro/Vintage sunglasses:Look for Less

Hi dolls,hope you've all had a good day so i just decided to do a quick post on my new collections of retro/vintage sunglasses..let me know if you fancy:-)
 a lot of people are sick over this Pointy Cat Eye Sunglasses. Similar to the one worn by Kelly Osbourne and amber rose and lady gaga, these shades are every girls dream, torn straight from the runway (at much better price, of course).but you can get the look for less from swiss collections show room.
The wonderful thing about sunglasses is that they can elevate a plain outfit into a chic and fashionable outfit. A t-shirt and jeans is a lot more chic with a pair of this Sunglasses. Style is just effortless with these shades.
Own this must-have sunglasses through a purchase at swiss collection at a very affordable price.

I am inlove with the sunglasses produced by italian-made brand SUPER! They released this line of sunglasses for fall of the eye-catching pair is the SUPER people Black& Gold!

 Style icons rihanna,kourtney kardashian and others, have been seen out and about wearing the popular Swirling Sunglasses. These sunglasses with swirling arms were a major runway hit. Celebrities and stylistas alike dashed out and purchased a pair as soon as they became available. The Swirling Sunglasses are especially popular with fashion bloggers. Most fashion blogs have featured a pair of the Swirling Sunglasses.

 it's not hard to see why the swirling over sized sunglasses have become a hit.celebrities recognized that the swirling detail on the arm is pretty unique and absolutely chic.Another thing i love about the sunglasses is that it turns a casual look into a very stylish one,making it very effortless.

These particular Vintage Aviator Sunglasses feature semi-transparent gradient lenses and brown-colored rims and a gold bridge. A must-have. Buy a similar pair of kourtney's gold and brown Vintage Aviator.

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