Monday, 1 October 2012


Hey dolls ....Hope ya'll had an amazing my Nigerian readers happy independence day..woohoo Nigeria is 52years old today..God bless my country..:-)
Loving todays weather....its raining and also a public holiday..Love the comfort of my bed with my laptop and a cup of tea blogging..wink* wish ya'll a fab day xoxo.
 Wearing the right outfit will give you a certain feeling of power and security...Besides,when you know you look'll feel good too..:-)
                                            A chunky cuff bracelet makes a bold statement
 The Key to style is being yourself and not trying too hard....or atleast looking like you are trying too hard.

 The Best thing about fashion is that it gives you the daily opportunity to re-invent yourself.#StyleMagic.


Adding a little something bold to your outfit will reflect an adventrous spirit.

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