Monday, 15 October 2012

Shop Celebrity Inspired Statement Necklaces

An outfit without Accessories is like Food without Spices :) ♥
A bold statement necklace is the perfect piece  for any outfit.
Transform your outfit with a Statement Necklace that speaks to you and expresses your freedom of fashion as well!
Hollywood Starlets are glamming up the finest gowns and dresses with some major statement necklace pieces these days. Admiring those celebrity statement necklaces? Want a fabulous look on a budget? swiss collections to the rescue.. :-)

This season we are stocking everything from mixed metals,pearls,choker/collar necklaces and vintage influenced statement pieces...............Here are some of our top picks at the moment….


I am such a BIG fan of statement pieces. Love this torquoise blue choker necklace.
''The secret weapon of every stylish woman is that one unexpected item that turns a good look into an amazing one''

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