Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Peplum crush.

Hello my Loves,hope ya'll are doing great..am soo happy that the official styling shoot photographs are finally here and i'll be bringing you different looks put together in different posts.:-)
 The peplum trend has been around for a while this year and it’s definitely one of our favourite trends of the season! This 40′s style piece is super-flattering because it cinches in the waist and flatters the hips giving the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.
 i believe fashion is the ultimate form of self expression,therefore it really depends on my mood.-Nicole richie
 Shop classy clothes and trendy accessories.Accessories take up less space in your closet and can easily be changed.
a statement necklace can turn any outfit into an amazing one.
The key to loving your look starts with what's underneath it all.find the perfect bra and undies for your body and stock up.
The right shoes can not only complete your look,they can boost your confidence and add to your posture as well.
 This is a style that looks good on most people, and as the peplum itself is a great statement piece it means you only need minimum jewellery and accessories to complete your look.
We have a gorgeous side peplum dress in stock, which comes in a fabulous tailored shape with modern zipped detail on the peplum for a bit of a twist on the classic look. It comes in ivory if you want to be seen in this season’s favourite shade, or in dark purple for a more slimming look.

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Styled by swiss collection.
Make up by derinola-- http://makeupbyderinola.tumblr.com/
Photography by-Bash photos

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  1. Beautiful. How do i know the prices,would i have to come to your store or through emails? Please revert


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